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Future Organisations, Hof Gnadenthal November 2017

Also for this workshop I invited the attendees to the monastery Gnadenthal. After we briefly collected our experiences with classical organisations such as inefficiency, informal power structures and chewy meetings, we started looking into alternatives to pyramidal hierarchical organisations.
We approached the topic via the ARTE movie ‚Mein wunderbarer Arbeitsplatz’ (‘My wonderful workplace’). It illustrates very plastically how employees within an evolutionary organization feel activated and released. It became also clear, that these types of organisations provide a much higher capability to innovate and a greater resilience than classical organisations. They work within flat organisations with almost no hierarchies and interestingly they are all very successful and very profitable.
The alternative concepts such as Sociocracy, Holacracy and evolutionary organisations by Frederic Laloux solve aspects such as decision taking, information exchange, salary, incentives and meetings structures fundamentally differently. They allow us as employees to bring in more of our human being. They even steer the organisation by its evolutionary purpose rather than by pure pursuit of profit. Compatible to the atmosphere of the location, the monastery, we dealt with topics such as humanity, trust, integrity and ecological responsibility.
Towards the end of the workshop the participants split into two teams and designed their own evolutionary organisation along an example case.

Workshop: Innovation through Modern Leadership, June 2016

On June the 18th I facilitated a one-day seminar focussing on ‚Innovation through Modern Leadership‘. This workshop took place on the premises of the Monastery Gnadenthal - 30km north of Wiesbaden. It represents a new workshop concept within my portfolio, which is aimed at entrepreneurs, business responsible, leaders and change makers.
The management style of the last 150 years has had its day: hierarchical management, rigid processes, organizations build of silos, no failure culture and lots more are inappropriate in todays business world, which is characterized by disruption and radical shape-ups. However, how does modern leadership look like? But above all, which concrete tools can support modern leaders, who want to increase their company’s ability to innovate?
During this workshop the participants got to know the foundation elements of modern leadership such as Toyota Production System, Kaizen, Lean, Agile and Management 3.0. Due to lots of interactive exercises they left the workshop with an entire tool kid for their leadership tasks back in their offices. The workshop put emphasis on optimal support of self-organised teams, motivation of employees, iterative approaches - which perfectly support a learning culture - and an increase of transparency. Together we derived that modern cooperate values such as commitment, openness, courage, respect and focus can be sustainably established via this new style of leadership.

Seminar Business Innovation, June 2015

In 20 June I held an interactive one-day workshop on current innovation methods at Zollhaus (near Limburg an der Lahn). My students (entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, innovators and interested parties) have learned about methods for generating product and business model innovation. All participants felt inspired by the day.

One focus of the workshop was on concepts such as 'job-to-be-done', which help to better understand customer needs. Another aspect was the Business Model Canvas method, which allows to visualize, evaluate, or redesign its own business model. This tool strongly supports its own innovative power. This is particularly important in a time when entire industries are reinventing themselves in very short cycles or a new disruptive business model from Silicon Valley comes to us every day.

Business Model Generation Masterclass München, September 2015

On September 10 and 11, 2015, the Business Model Generation Masterclass was hosted by Strategyzer Academy in Munich, Germany. Together with Christian Doll, I coached excited participants in interactive sessions regarding business model design and creativity exercises. The German, Austrian and Swiss participants were overwhelmed how powerful the toolbox is.

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