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Training on Innovation Methods

You want to train your management team, a product unit, or individual thought leaders of your organization in advanced methods of business innovation? Then participate in the following 1 or 2 day workshop: Training on Innovation Methods.

  • Agenda for your workshop

Understand and respond to customer requirements
Design products that your customers will love – by using Value Proposition Canvas and Design Thinking approaches

How to design successful business models
Visualize and then evaluate business models – by using the Business Model Canvas tool

Business model – how ideas withstand the test of reality
Identify business-critical assumptions
"No business plan survives first contact with customers“ (Steve Blank)

Test business model assumptions
Test approaches and potentials of business models – by using the Lean Startup method

Disruptive thinking
Methods to generate disruptive approaches – working with restrictions

Training on Agile Working

You want to raise self-organization and commitment within your teams, and you want to sustainably establish agile values within your organization, then get started with the following 1 or 2 day workshop: Training on Agile Working.

  • Agenda for your workshop

Introduction to Lean, Agile, Scrum, and Kanban

Improve customer orientation
by using Stakeholder Map, the concept of Jobs-to-be-done, and various customer interactions e.g. interviews, innovation games

Get to modern leadership
via self-organized teams, consideration of intrinsic motivation factors, and a new understanding of delegation

Raise transparency with the support of agile boards and meetings,
create self-organized teams by the transparency of team charter, clearly defined group decision-making procedures and dedicated metrics

How can agile methods be implemented in your teams?

Workshops with Your Team

  • Proposal 1

    Review of value proposition

    Value Proposition Canvas
    You want to review your current value proposition to your customer and, if appropriate, identify approaches for improvement?
    I guide your team through a 1 or 2-day workshop, using tools and methods such as Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Startup, or Design Thinking approaches.
  • Proposal 2

    Review of businss model

    Business Model Design

    You want to review your existing business model and make it more competitive?
    I guide your team through a 1 or 2-day workshop, using tools and methods such as Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup or through the generation of disruptive approaches.

  • Proposal 3

    Generation of product ideas


    Generation of Product IdeasYou are looking for new product ideas for your existing customer segment or want to tap into new customer segments?
    I guide your team through an initial 1 or 2-day workshop, using the Design Thinking method.

I guide your team on-site as regards current product and innovation issues. You'll find proposals here, or contact me to arrange a customized workshop.




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Coaching for Sustainability




You want to enhance the traditional product and project management? You want to minimize your
investment risk?

You want to create an innovative business model? You want to go on your quest for new shores in
a structured manner?

You want to unleash the creativity and knowledge of your employees? You want to establish
agile values in your organization?

I accompany your business unit, your management or product team in the transition process.



How could such a coaching look like?

• Getting to know your team
• Presentation of working methods such as Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup, and Agile Values
• Kick-off workshop to agree on process and common goals
• Regular on-site visits to supervise your team's day-to-day work (at least once a week)
• Regular review of the changes implemented
• Supervision of your team at longer time intervals once it starts to apply modern working methods on an increasingly independent basis


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Andrea Schmitt


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